Sacred Lake Dudhkunda

Sacred Lake Dudhkunda

Dudhkunda is a sacred lake situated at 4400 meters high. Dudhkunda means, ‘milk lake’, name given due to his white colour. This lake is situated between beautiful mountains in the region of Solukhumbu. The famous mountain Numbur is just above the lake. This area is really remote a natural. It is a very good place for trekking in depth through nature.

This lake is famous across all Nepal for religious purpose. For Hindus, It is the residence of Lord Shiva. Local people celebrate a festival there in special day Janaipurnima, in the month of August. In this festival, local people use to come for worship there as well lots of Shamans also use to come. A religious belief is that, if the shaman worship there in Dudhkunda they can get lots of “magic power”. The shaman use to wear traditional special dresses for these kind of events. They use to play double sided drum and platter as well they communicate with the spirits in shaman’s language. Really impressive to see such procession. Local people also pray with god for long life, good future and Nepal is a country of agricultural so that, people use to pray for cow.

There is a small statue of Lord Buddha so that, this place is very important for Buddhist people also. All people use to walk from the way of the edge of lake and people use to put flowers, money and rice on the lake for complete theirs wishes.

And there is a religious belief, who have father and mother are alive, this person cannot complete the round of lake and who don’t have parent he/she can walk whole round of lake. This is very interesting to be part of there, people use to take water in bottle falling from the rock. Religious belief is that, that water is offering by god.

Even if it is a remote area, it is feasible for trekkers to take part to the event. With a start from Salleri or Phaplu, it will take around 5 days trekking. The way until Taksindu is accessible by Jeep but it is only for winter season. This event is unfortunately in rainy season, even if it is not so cold, equipment need to be adapted to rain.

From Taksindu village, the only option for the night is camping. There is no lodge available. By the way, villagers take the opportunity of this event and prepare tents, sell local food and fresh yak milk. When you start to walk from Taksindu to Dudhkunda, you can get beautiful forests, everywhere full fill of green. And if you are hiking to Dudhkunda in spring season, you can see the blooming Rhododendron. A place is there on the way from Taksindu to Dudhkunda that is called by Sasarbeni.

This is a really amazing place but until today it is not really popular for trekker. There is no promotion of this area from travel agencies.