Indigenous people of Nepal

Indigenous people of Nepal


As per his total area, Nepal is considered as a small country with a size of 140 000km2. But a huge diversity of people are living here: The county is divided by 69 ethnic groups called cast and equivalent number of language.

Situated in the chain of Himalaya; Nepal is very beautiful and natural place. Culture of Indigenous people who is living in these mountains is beautiful as such. Each cast is full of specific tradition with their own way of life in nature.

Way of life

Honesty, co-operative, hard-worker are the main characteristics of indigenous people. There is a strong support between people of the same cast. Most of people’s life is based on the agriculture and use to live without any need of money but just the production of food. Out of the agriculture, the devolvement of Trekking is the main activity in villager place. Locally, most of people take a significant place in the social and political life of the village and the area.

Indigenous people of Nepal don’t have a not part of the modern class but they are rich by heart with a lot of sincerity, prosperity and positive thinking.


They are living everywhere in Nepal, but mostly Sherpa, Gurung and Tamang caste are living in mountain area in altitude. Rai, Magar, Newar, Thami, Limbu, Sunuwar, Kumal etc. are living in lower altitude still in mountain area (called Hilly region). Tharu, Chaudhary are living in lowland of Nepal called Therai.


Indigenous people have also a diversity of religion, like the Kirati religion for Rai and Buddhist for Sherpa, Tamang, Newar, Gurung etc. They always respect each other’s religion and culture. Nepalese indigenous people are really rich in this diversity of religion, culture, languages.

Nepal is wonderful by beauty nature as well as by various castes of indigenous people.


They use to talk two languages: Mostly, they use to talk their mother tongue with each other of the village. This language is specific to the cast and used on daily basis in family and village. And the other one is national language Nepali used to speak between people of different casts. And few people working in tourism are speaking English, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Germany due to the expansion of the trekking.


Nepal is not a developed country so indigenous people society’s many people are suffering from a poor education. Minds are changing and the focus is given to give to child a chance for a better education. Nepalese indigenous people are very friendly, positive, and honest. And yes, they are growing with beautiful nature and theirs heart also as peaceful mountain.