Bouddhanath Stupa is one of the most popular place to visit in Kathmandu city. It is situated in the east of Kathmandu city and is regarded as the world’s biggest Stupa. Also called ‘Boudha’ by the local people, it is situated in the Buddhist section of town. The great Stupa of Bouddhanath is focal point of the Kathmandu district. There are at least 29 monasteries of Tibetan Gombas around Bouddhanath. The tibetan culture is very rich around this monument.

Many people use to come every days and walk three or more times around the Stupa while repeating the Mantra ‘Om Mane Peme Hum’ quietly.

Bouddhanath is perfect place for hang out. There is a lot of restaurant around the stupa selling Momos, Thukpas etc. People of all ages come to get peace of mind away from busy monotonicity of everyday life. It is perfect place for get-together with friends and family or relatives. This is definitively one of the best place to visit in Kathmandu.

It is the most popular tourist site in the Kathmandu area. There is a small entry fee (NRS-500) to enter the Stupa area.

The white coloured stupa with brilliant eyes of Boddhanath looking in all the four directions, fluttering prayer flags, the prayer wheels at the base, recitation of mantras and bells rungs by the monks is very powerful. It is just an interesting place to visit as one of the largest Buddhist Stupa in Nepal. The surrounding area is also interesting with many shops. The location of the Stupa is interesting as it once lay on the ancient trade area. Best Newari, and Tibetan art of statues are available there to buy, made through the lost wax process and traditional paintings by the best artist from the Kathmandu valley. And like this, prayer flags, incense and handmade singing bowls are also available there.

There are lots of Restaurant for authentic Tibetan food, Newari, Thakali special items of food. And it is possible to look great views from roof top restaurants and take excellent photos of the statue. Morning and evening time is too good for visit Bouddhanath. Early in the morning starting 5 am, lots of crowd there and very interesting to see, how people are praying and rounding the Stupa. In the evening also very interesting to see there, how beautifully people are lighting the candle. It is perfect time for night photography.

Bouddhanath have been an important place of meditation for Buddhist people, foreign people and local people. And is a resting place also.

According to legend, Bouddhanath Stupa was built during the 5th century AD, by an old poultry woman. And it was re- built by Licchhavi king in 8th century. In 1979, Bouddhanath became a UNESCO World Heritage site.