Nepal is part of Asia in the centre of Himalaya. Due to the presence of mountains, climate can change depending of the altitude. The country follow the climate of Asia with a concentration of precipitation in monsoon period from June to September. The rest of the year, it offer a pleasant climate with a clear sky. In altitude, winter is cold and dry. For trekking, best periods are :

– Spring: from beginning of march to end of May

– Autumn: from beginning October to end of November.

Both periods offer a suitable weather for trekking with a warm climate with a clear sky. For cultural visit, Spring and Autumn are also the best period with a warm climate. But winter can be a good alternative, still considered as off season, there is quite less tourists in famous places. Prices can even be less expansive. Climate is more cold but sky is still clear. It you expect to stay under 2’500 meters, this period can be a good alternative even for trekking.

We recommend to avoid the summer period due to monsoon. It is hot but it use to rain every days, in mountains trekking way are not pleasant to practice and cities are not always organize to evacuate water.

Average annual temperature in Nepal