Cultural Immersion

Out of beaten track

Most of proposed trekking offers are oriented on the top 5 famous trekking way. As example, in high season, the way to Everest Base Camp is an “highway” for trekkers: the way is covered by the tourism activity with trekkers and workers caring stuff in altitude. Donkey caravans will block your progression until the lodge already full of tourists. Villages you will cross have already changed their organisation to take the benefit of this activity. Of course, this trekking way is wonderful and the view on Everest is is always amazing.

” It is a life connected with people and nature “

New experience

Based on trekkers feedback’s, we would like to propose a way to discover the villagers tradition in a total immersion in the cultural life of a small village in mountain. Villager life is quite different than you can find in a classic trekking way: All is organised around the cycle of nature. Wake up with the sun, prepare fields for culture, collect vegetables and fruits, or wood for the evening meal preparation, visit neighbours and play with child. There is no stress, no need to know what time is it, there is no watch, no phone. It is not a disconnected life, it is a life connected with people and nature.

“All is handmade, with a respect of the nature”

Organic life

Villager life is organic, with natural water form Himalaya, local and fresh vegetables of the season. All is handmade, with a respect of the nature: You will find a lot of animals in fields, it is not for eat, just a way of “recovery” for fields in fallow. No need of pesticide, since decency villagers people mix plantation, like corn and potato, to avoid mosquito proliferation. This organic life is part of the tradition and education of child’s.

Social life

People use to work together and enjoy together. Nepali people have a good reputation to be kind, it is intensified in mountain villages! They use to live in peace together and share happiness on “festivals” organised with others village all over the year.


Of course villager life does not take the most of modernisation. Villagers use to have a “simple” life, without any road, without light, without bed, without even fork for eat. But this is the normality for most of them. There is of course no lodge and no shop. If may be difficult of a tourist to accept these conditions of life several days. In addition if the village is situated in a remote area and high in altitude.


We propose you to discover this cultural immersion in the centre of Himalaya, at to foot of Everest, in an Organic villages out of beaten track proposing good condition with a warm climate ideal for a large variety of fruits and vegetables. At only 3 hours of a trekking way, you can spend several days in the village and take part to the social life.

Taksindu Chheegaun